django-admin-site-search: A search (cmd+k) modal, for the admin, that searches your entire site

:wave: everyone!

Just published a package: django-admin-site-search. Grateful for any early testers and/or feedback :pray:


  • :tophat: Works out-of-the-box, with minimal config.
  • :mag_right: Search performed on:
    • App labels.
    • Model labels and field attributes.
    • CharField values (with __icontains).
      • Subclasses also included: SlugField, URLField, etc.
  • :lock: Built-in auth: users can only search apps and models that they have permission to view.
  • :zap: Results appear on-type, with throttling/debouncing to avoid excessive requests.
  • :musical_keyboard: Keyboard navigation (cmd+k, up/down, enter).
  • :sparkles: Responsive, and supports dark/light mode.
    • Django’s built-in CSS vars are used to match your admin theme.

Wow amazing, this can be useful for the multiple models within project
Thanks for sharing this :love_you_gesture: