django allauth with crispy forms not working

so i have installed crispy forms and have added it into the settings py file with also the template pack, and i have added the django all auth templates to my app folder so i can override them.

the templates work as i have used {% extends "testing/base.html "%} on the first line and it works perfectly … Only the problem is the crispy form filter not working, so its not styling it.

here is my file

Html file of login

Cirspy Form login page

Using the crispy tag has different effects than using the crispy filter.

Try using the crispy tag.

You may also want to examine the html using your browser’s developer tools to ensure the right css is being applied to those elements.

i have used the above logic in a different project, but dont know why it does not work here ?

only difference ebetween those projects was django version was different thats it