Django Background Processes without Celery

I’m creating a web app that runs locally and will need to call 2 background processes on start-up. One is only needed to start a connection with another computer. The other will capture data from another source continuously and will be inserting records into my database. I will be pulling records from the database to display on my webpage. My question is, is there any way of running these two background processes without using Celery and a broker? I want to keep the application as lightweight as possible, and from my understanding, Celery is a large package.

My suggestion would be to set them up as custom management commands and use something like supervisord to manage the processes - or even set them up as systemd services.

Since they’re “fire and forget”, I certainly wouldn’t recommend Celery in this case.

Ken’s suggestion works for avoiding Celery. But while it is incredibly powerful, it’s also quite simple to get setup w/ a rabbitmq broker. If you have a bit of free time, I’d highly recommend trying that route too just to tinker with it so it’s less of a mystery.