django braces GroupRequiredMixin

Hi, my name luigi from italy my englsih elementary sorry my error writing .

My problem django-braces from GroupRequiredMixin .

class CancellaNotizia(GroupRequiredMixin,DeleteView):
    group_required = []
    raise_exception = True
    model = News
    success_url = reverse_lazy('GestioneNotizie')

How to redirect page from echo data : “Error - not admin user”.

how to change redirect page in the page "/reserved/ no in redirect “login”.


The docs do briefly cover this. These mixins inherit from django.contrib.auth.mixins.AccessMixin, so all your configuration options are listed there.

Beyond this, I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re trying to describe. It seems to me that what you’re wanting to do is set raise_exception to False in your view and set login_url to the url you want the unauthenticated users to be directed to.

Note: The site generally does a good job with translating descriptions of issues here. If you’re more comfortable writing in Italian, it may be better for you to write in your native language. I’m used to using the translate site to produce English text.