Django commenting form

I have some questions regarding django comments and I’ll appreciate it very much if anyone can point me on the right direction:

  1. I would like to allow commenting on my site from site members and non site members. How do I accomplish that? Do I create two Comment models one model with a User foreign key in order and the other model without a user foreign key? Is there another way to make this happen?

  2. How do I allow commenting on the same page without having to leave the page to a
    Comment form? Is it possible with django or do I have to add another technology?

Thank you in advanced…

Comments are a more complicated than they look at first glance. I would first look into using existing solution like Disqus before creating your own. Disqus will handle the spam protection, let folks use existing social logins and more.

I am not familiar with your site, but generally nowadays you need quite a high traffic of people to get any meaningful amount of comments.

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Thank you for your reply. I am not familiar with disqus but will take a look. Basically I am creating a site from scratch for two purposes learning, as well as growing the site. I would also like to keep up with best developing practices and technologies. It seems that when I am finally comfortable with a technology Something new comes along lol.

I’ll second @nemecek_f’s response. Opening up comments without requiring authenticated users and a lot of effort in spam control is a nightmare waiting to happen. Even requiring authenticated users doesn’t help much unless you set it up so that the user accounts require approval.

I ran a small site once for a defined and limited number of people. More than 99% of all traffic was spam and fake-account creation attempts. (I was averaging 5 - 10 account-creation requests per day over a period of less than a year - about 2000 total before I gave up and went a different route.)

Thank you for your reply. I guess what i am trying to do has to do more with gaining experience by doing it from scratch if it is possible rather than a fast solution out of the box, of course, I am interested in best practice solutions as well as industry standard. I understand django comment framework is no longer supported.