How do I implement crons in my basic Django app ?
I tried django-crontabs but it doesn’t seem to run.

I did python crontab add
I also tried running the cron command in the command line and it worked successfully.

So it’s the cron that’s not being executed ?

You don’t. You implement cron jobs at the operating system level like any other cron job. The “django-crontabs” app is fundamentally the wrong approach for a solution to this issue. (Also note that the last update to it is more than 6 years ago - I’d consider it pretty much a dead project.)

If you’re already using Celery within your project, Celery Beat is another good solution.

I am not using Celery and I felt Celery would take some time to implement.
So how do I run a script at say /djangoProject/app/crons/functionName which would include Django library ?

I included a name in as a path and http://my-domain.example/cronPath works but how do I execute it as a command in the terminal in a cron ?

You turn it into a custom Django management command. See How to create custom django-admin commands | Django documentation | Django.