Django Custom Admin Panel

Hello Devs, I Wish you’re doing okay .

Im currently working on a Blood Analysis Lab related project, the project should provide basic website description and CRUD functionalities concerning the blood exams, their status, …

Basically, I have a custom design for the admin panel where the website should be managed from, however , the built in django admin panel is lacking lot of features that i want to implement.

The question is :
Im using React with django, can I just create a custom template using react and rest framework and override the admin app ?
Meaning that if I go to localhost:8000/admin, it should no longer display the default django admin panel, instead it should display my fully custom react + drf driven dashboard.

If yes, please give me a good guide & resource to learn more about itx because most of the resources I found were simply changing CSS colors of the default panel.

Thank you

You are not required to use the admin app, it is completely optional. There’s nothing “special” or “magical” about it, it’s just a Django app.

You can assign any url to any view. There’s nothing that requires the url admin to refer to the admin app.

There’s no need for you to take any part of the admin app into consideration at all. Design your project with your own desired functionality. Build your front end however you wish, and tie it to the appropriate views in the back end. It’s no different than using Django for any other project.

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Alright, I see, thank you enormously for you help and attention