Django Debug Toolbar alpha release v3

Hi all,

Thanks to matthiask and the many other contributors there’s an alpha version for version 3 of the debug toolbar. We’re hoping for some feedback before making the final release. The full list of changes can be found here.

Here are the backwards incompatible changes:

  • Loading panel content no longer executes the scripts elements embedded in the HTML. Third party panels that require JavaScript resources should now use the :attr:Panel.scripts <debug_toolbar.panels.Panel.scripts> property.
  • Removed support for end of life Django 1.11. The minimum supported Django is now 2.2.

It also supports a new panel called the History Panel, which was merged in from djsutho’s django-debug-toolbar-request-history package. The purpose of this was to introduce tracking for AJAX requests out of the box. You’ll be able to switch between requests to view the entire toolbar’s history (limited to 25 requests by default, but configurable) It also supports refreshing the history panel to view recent ajax requests.

We’d appreciate any help from the community vetting the new release, specifically the History Panel.