django deplovment via aws - error with zip

hey everyone, I am trying to deploy my django website trough aws elestic beanstak and I am keep getting this wierd error -
Configuration files cannot be extracted from the application version aael-django-app-source-7. Check that the application version is a valid zip or war file.

the website gets up and i get health - ok but when i try to acsses the website it is stuck and dose not load. i tried updating earlier version and it works, I am clueless of what could do that…

it seems like it is stuck on the main page, the main page reloads and than when i try to navigate betwen pages i get error for loading timeout.
if i write the domain it works but if i click on a herf that lead to the domain it dosent…
this is the website, try it out

logs :

the only thing i changed is some css files…

thanks in advande.