Django-enum-choices, is there a way I could make enum field for enum field?

Hi everyone, maybe somebody know answer to my question. I`m trying to make enum fields to my models, and got a troubleshooting thing, is there a way I could make enum like that:

from enum import Enum
from django.db import models
from django_enum_choices.fields import EnumChoiceField

class OrderReceivedEnum(Enum):
    SATISFIED = 'satisfied'
    CLAIMED = 'claimed'

class OrderStateEnum(Enum):
    DRAFT = 'draft'
    SENT = 'sent'
    CONFIRMED = 'confirmed'
    RECEIVED = OrderReceivedEnum
    INVOICE_MATCHING = 'invoice matching'
    COMPLETE = 'complete'
    CANCELED = 'canceled'

class OrderStates(models.Model):
    state = EnumChoiceField(OrderStateEnum, default=OrderStateEnum.RECEIVED.SATISFIED)

I would by glad for any help in this question, ths !