Django Front/Back Support Help - Paid

So long story short we lost our support vendor for our primary website. The website is built on Django and we need to find a new support vendor for the front and back end of the system. I am looking for some recommendations on companies we should include in our vendor search. Looking to do a full year with options to renew.

Details on the system build

  • Ubuntu
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Memcached
  • SSL Certificate
  • Python

We do have hosting sorted out on our Azure Cloud

I would suggest including any of the firms that financially support Django (DSF), DjangoCon, and/or DEFNA. To me that’s an indication that a firm prioritizes Django as being important to them.

(Disclaimer - I do not work for any of those firms. Nor am I employed by any of the Django organizations listed above.
However, my attendance at a couple of DjangoCon US has given me the opportunity to meet and talk to many of those individuals who do - much to my personal benefit and growth in terms of knowledge and skills.)

This is great advice thank you