Django generic class based view

Hello World,
I am about creating a web app using django, and i my forms like creating Im using generic CreateView UpdateView… etc
I have some logic and conditions to add and I dont know how to join my logic to the view Im creating.

Thank You

Hi @Lyounessi

Class based views are great for moving fast but can quickly become hard to extend, as you’re experiencing. Check out:

Hope those help!


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In addition to Adam’s comments, if you want to learn / understand more about the standard Django CBVs, I can recommend the Classy Class-Based Views docs along with the diagrams at

Beyond that, if you have any specific questions regarding particular functionality you would like to implement, feel free to ask your questions here.

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Thank You Ken,
I wanted to make a condition inside an UpdateView, to stop a user updating other’s articles for exemples

Ok, so there are a couple of ways to handle this -

If I were implementing something like this, my first thought would be to override the get_object method of the View to check to see whether or not that user is allowed to update a particular article. If the user doesn’t have the right permissions, you could either return them to the listing page or throw a 403.

One of the advantages of overriding that particular method is that it’s called on both a GET and a POST, so you have some protection from a person modifying a URL and blindly submitting data.


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