Django how to add next button for related Blog post?

I have an blog list page where I listed all of my blog. Now I want to implement next button in my blog details page for move on next blog post if any blog have child object. Assume I have 10 blog post where 5 blog post related to “python tutorial” so in my blog details page I want to add next button for this five blog post. So user can click on next button and go to next tutorial until reach 5th number of tutorial. If any blog post don’t have any related blog then there will be not next button. You can think as a youtube playlist where all related topics included in a single playlist. how to da that in django?

here is my model:

Class Blog(models.Model):
      blog_title =  models.CharField(max_length=300, unique=True)

def BlogDetail(request, slug=None):
    template_name = 'blog/blog_details.html'
    blog = None
    if slug is not None:
        blog = get_object_or_404(Blog, slug=slug)
        blog = None
   ....others code

Do you have an algorithm written as a function to determine the “next object” for any given object?

Once you’ve done that, you can call that function based on the “current object” being displayed by the view, generate the URL for that next object and pass it into your template to be rendered as a link within the page.

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KenWhitesell can you give me an idea what should I do for determine next object? should I use foreingnkey in my model ?what’s your suggestion for determine related blog post ?

If I’m looking at a blog post, what relationship exists between the “next” blog post and this one? There are no relationships identified in the snippet of code you’ve provided here.

“what relationship exists between the “next” blog post and this one?” This is the point. I can’t relate between the “next” blog post and this one because they are independent object. You can think as a YouTube playlist where all related topic included in a single playlist. Same concept like youtube playlist I want to implement for my next button but no idea how to relate all similar topics.

I don’t know anything (technically) about YouTube playlists. Relying upon that analogy doesn’t help here.

Somewhere, you need to decide what relationships exist among these blog posts, then create the necessary models to support that. We can’t do that - you need figure out what the “next blog” post is supposed to mean.

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KenWhitesell I am thinking to add an extra char fields in my model where I will put unique text for all related object.

I came up with the idea of creating a new “Tutorial”class and linking it to some blogs, where you could link one blog to the next blog

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