Django HTML displaying different on Unbuntu 18.04

I moved my Django project over to Ubuntu 18.04 for the first time. After going through issues getting it setup, I finally got it running, but when I opened my webpage, I noticed the HTML templates are all screwed up and out of place. I did what research I could but couldn’t find anything that could effect it.
I have inspected the browser elements and nothing seems out of the ordinary. No 404’s, just 200’s and 304’s. I have no idea what else to look for or change. I have asked the Python Slack group, but of course the issue gets overflowed with other peoples questions so I am posting it on here hoping someone can help while I work on other conversion of the project. Thanks.

These screenshots show the two compared:

Probably the next thing to check would be to verify that the actual css / js files are the same being served. I know you said you’re not getting any 404’s, but it’s possible that you’re retrieving a css or js file with the same name, but different contents. The easiest way I know of to verify that is to look at the files in your browser’s developer tools. You can check the sizes first as a spot-check, then take a more detailed look at the contents if necessary.

Also, just curious, what browser is that showing those screenshots?

Windows screenshot (left) is Opera, but I have used Chrome as well. The Unbuntu screenshot (right) is Firebox, but the same is shown for Chrome as well. I have check to see what files are getting served, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Here is a screenshot of the Ubuntu OS. Left is Firefox, right is Chrome.

The 304s indicate that it’s pulling the files from cache rather than requesting them from the server. You’ll want to do a shift-F5 to have the page ignore the cache. You’ll want to compare the files you’re retrieving from the Ubuntu server to what you retrieve from the Windows server.

Oddly enough, I get almost double the files on Ubuntu. Edit: You’re going to want to open this image in a new tab as it’s two monitors.

So what information have you learned from this?

That’s the issue. I can’t figure it out. Everything seems to be loading and running properly. More files are served in Ubuntu than Windows and I don’t know what those files are or what they do. I can’t pinpoint anything to tell me, “hey, this needs to be changed or moved.” That’s why I finally posted it on this forum hoping someone’s response may lead to the culprit. Like I had stated on the PySlack, no one is going to be using the Ubuntu distro since it’s only used to host (local network only) the web portal, but I’d still like to know what is going on because if I decided to throw this on Heroku, the same thing may happen. If going to the web portal via a Windows machine, the html is shown just fine which is what I want, but still frustrating none-the-less.

So your first step here is to identify what the different files are. You’ve got the listing showing the files between the two servers - compare the lists and identify the differences.

Then, examine your html being rendered to identify where in your template those files are being loaded from.

Finally, locate where those files are on your server.