Django Join tables on query

Hi guys,
I have the following set up in my models:
Model Point — Foreign Key — Tag Model-- OnoToOneField —> User
Model Point – Foreign Key – Area Model

So i need to know if when filter points like, Point.objects.filter(x = y) i can retrieve all the Tag(Foreign key) fields. On sql if i join the tables i can get what ever field i want, but with the ORM i couldnt do it so far.

Any suggestion?

Have you worked through the Official Django Tutorial? If you haven’t, I strongly encourage it - it will teach you a lot about accessing data through foreign key relationships.

Beyond that, it’s actually going to be easier to understand and answer your question if you post your models and phrase your question relative to the specific fields you’re interested in, along with posting what you’ve currently tried and what’s not working for you.