Django Models

Hello good folks,

I’m new to Django and really love concept and idea behind it. With that said I’m having a bit hard time thinking or structuring stuff that’s inside my head down to models, so perhaps some of you can give me a pointer on how to go about this case.

What I need to make is this :

Section 1 / 1
Next button , last button

npc_1_1 : input field
player_1_1: input field
npc_1_2 : input field
player_1_2: input field

and so on…

Then when clicking on next
It would give me
npc_2_1: input field
player_2:1: input field
npc_2_2: input field
player_2_2: input field

Clicking last would take me back to first input with 1_1

Now is it possible to structure something like this in models ?? I’m thinking it should be able to but not sure how to go about to do it ?? so any help would be more then welcome

A Django model is a Python representation of a relational database table. The techniques and concepts that you would learn in studying database design apply directly to the design of your Python models.

What you want to be looking for are some tutorials on database design and data normalization. (No, I do not have any current materials on that topic to recommend at the moment.)

A proper database design starts with understanding what needs to be stored and how it’s going to be used. (Our internal process starts with identifying what we call “entities” - the real-life objects for which data needs to be managed. Everything builds from them.)

You haven’t really provided any details about your intended application or how the data needs to be structured or used, so it’s not really practical to offer recommendations regarding your model design.