Django multiple filtering with variable

Hello guys i have a problem with filtering. In my product listing page i want to let customers filter whatever they want. For example they have 10 checkbox with number of drawer. And they can choose 1,2,3,…,10. I can make filter if they choose 1 but i can’t code if they choose 2 or much.
here is my codes:
productlist = Urunler.objects.values('Resim','Urun_Kodu','Cekmece_Sayisi','M_Aciklama').filter(Q(Urun_Cesitleri__Link = products ), Q(Urun_Seviye = True))

if request.GET.get('cekmece'):
        cekmece1 = request.GET.getlist('cekmece')
        cekmece = request.GET.get('cekmece')
        filters = ''
        for cekmecee in cekmece1:
            filters += str(Q(Cekmece_Sayisi__range = (cekmecee,int(cekmecee)+5)))
        productlist = productlist.filter(filters)

I want to use ‘or’ condition for whatever customers choosed to listing products.
alsoi i don’t know which one i need to use cekmece1 and cekmece.

The Q object docs show how to construct a query for an OR condition. However, in this specific case, I’d take a look at the __in lookup to see if that would work for you.

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