Django notice board plugin

hello devs pls i need someone to help me sort this out. i’ve been given an assignment to implement a stand alone plugin with django that is to be integrated into a GO backbone. using the diagram, there is an existing backbone with a mongo database and authentication API all written in Go and running on a server, there is a general front end where my plugin front end is to be extracted and displayed as an iframe. now even though i am using django, my plugin will have to authenticate users using the GO API provided. then every other actions needed for my notice board will be handled by django then the data will be routed as json back to the Go database. who do i do this

Keep in mind that Django receives requests and returns responses.

Anything that sends data to Django does so by issuing a request through a URL. The URL is mapped to a view to perform some kind of action and return a response. Typically, that response is either HTML or JSON.

So whatever it is you need to do, react is going to make requests to Django through URLs. The views can then communicate with your backbone through whatever interface is appropriate and prepare the responses to go back out to React.

can you spare a minute of your time and throw more light. like how do i Get Authenticate the users via Go in django (there is an API end point in Go for that). then is it possible to send the notification board data in real time back to Go via django Without implementing a database in django.

See Other authentication sources for ideas on using your backend for authentication.

For the rest, is it possible? Sure. If Django isn’t responsible for managing that data, there’s no requirement for it to be stored in a Django database.

thanks for the responses ken you are invaluable. i’ll really appreciate if any resources can be pointed out to me.

I’m not sure at this point what other resources you would be looking for.