Django on a mini PC as a server


Is it ok to install Django on a mini PC and access my app remotely if the PC is connected to the internet.
Can I limit access to the app only to a MAC address?

Many thanks

If you’re asking if you can set up your instance of Django in your house and access it from the internet, sure, that’s possible.

Can you limit access only to a MAC address, technically yes. However, the MAC address you see in the incoming packet is the most recent MAC address routing the packet to your network segment. For example, if you’re connected to the internet via Comcast and a Comcast router, all traffic coming in to your in-house is going to show the MAC address of that router. (Well, that’s not necessarily true in every circumstances, but as a general rule it’s close enough.)

Ok, that`s good. The app is still in development but I would like to be able to start using it. So the plan is to ensure the router is only allowing my laptop outside from the house and nothing else.

How do you plan to do that? I’m not seeing how that would be possible.

Ive originally thought I could do it with IP and mac address but Ill use remote desktop pc and install django on the pc. I`ll then access it like if it was teamviewer.

I thought I could do a MAC address filtering on the router and only allow my laptop. Then access the ip address of the router/pc from the internet.

MAC addresses only propagate through the current network segment. IP addresses from a mobile device aren’t static. Neither of those ideas is going to work.

So, I could only use Teamviewer to access the webapp then.

Or, you protect your webapp the same way 99+% of all web apps are protected - with a username and password.
Or, if you really want to get fancy, you could protect the app with a private key in your browser.