Django pg_service.conf setup

I was going through the second tutorial on django and then i came across this topic on setting up the postgres database backend. So I tried to put in the default parameters and run the migrate command, which worked as planned. However, instead of entering the default parameters, I also want to try out the instructions on this page (original url → Databases | Django documentation | Django ):

But I do not understand how the pg_service.conf file work, where should I put the pg_service.conf file?
Also, i read on the postgres documentation on this url → PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: 34.17. The Connection Service File and some more questions arised.

  1. Is pg_service.conf and .pg_service.conf (with a dot at the front) different files?
  2. The documentation stated that the .pg_service.conf is named %APPDATA%\postgresql.pg_service.conf on windows which is a directory i can not find.
  3. The documentation also stated that we can check for the sysconfigdir environment variable and point it to somewhere else, but when i checked for the sysconfigdir path, it is pointing to C:/PROGRA~1/POSTGR~1/15/etc which again, is a directory i can not find : to be specific, i can not find the etc file stated in the pathing.

I have tried to put the .pg_service.conf files in various place and have no success, and tried to search for a solution on the web for two days with questions like postgres service files, django postgres service files, postgres config files etc , but nothing is relating to what i am searching for, i would really appreaciate it if someone could point me to the right direction. Much thanks