Django SaaS boilerplate

Hi All,
With my previous basic open-source website template gaining traction, I wanted to share another open-source SaaS boilerplate with the community.

You can use this boilerplate to kickstart your SaaS development. It comes with all the basic features for a SaaS.

you can use the template by cloning the repo:

You can check out the demo website here:

Some of the features of the django template include:

  • Production ready - Easily deploy to cloud providers such as Vercel, and more.
  • Responsive UI - Responsive Base template, so you won’t have to take too much time to make it responsive yourself.
  • Pricing page - Show your pricing and features
  • ** Payment integration** - Default Stripe integration with subscription enabled
  • Contact us page - Comes with a contact us page
  • Blog with trix edior - Has a blog along with trix editor integrated to admin panel.
  • Custom user model - Comes with a custom user model and more.
  • Login flow- Comes with login, signup, password reset etc.

You can read about all the other features in the Github repo

If you have any questions, let me know

Good luck with your SaaS launches!

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