Django sessions. Storing data

Hello. On my website, I want users to retrieve real-time notifications and also be able to like posts and instantly see the current like count.

One way to do this is using sessions. An Alternative to dom manipulation as it is slow. Are Django sessions good enough to handle this?

Because a User can like loads of posts per session, and also can retrieve tonnes of notifications per session. Can Django sessions handle this functionality or not? What type of traffic can it handle on an estimate?

What are the limits in terms of amount of data that can be stored in the DB. And is it ok practise to do so? Thanks.

You don’t persist data in sessions - you create models for tracking data and keeping it over time.

Data limits are based on your database and the server(s) on which you’re running it. Django doesn’t impose any limits on the database itself. (I’ve got a Django app that accesses what’s currently about 3.5 TB of data.)

However, for real answers to your questions, you’ll need to be more precise with what you’re looking for. What you consider “loads of posts” or “tonnes of notifications” probably isn’t what I consider those terms to mean.
Leaving that aside for the moment, rarely is Django itself the problem. If your application and deployment are architected reasonably well, you can almost always scale your application by throwing more hardware at it.