Django Template documentation - template inheritance is confusing?

I’ve been reading it this morning, and one part jumped out to me, and I find it super confusing.

You can use as many levels of inheritance as needed. One common way of using inheritance is the following three-level approach:

Create a base.html template that holds the main look-and-feel of your site.
Create a base_SECTIONNAME.html template for each “section” of your site. For example, base_news.html, base_sports.html. These templates all extend base.html and include section-specific styles/design.
Create individual templates for each type of page, such as a news article or blog entry. These templates extend the appropriate section template.

What is this saying? That the sections are all on one-page? They are sections on different pages?

I think I’m getting confused because normally when I think of a section, I’m thinking about multiple sections on one page. Is this what they are talking about?

An example would be nice here, alongside the views to go with them.

Also - best way to read Django documentation off-line?

It says "for each ‘section’ of your site’, meaning you could create a universal base.html template that every template will inherit, and then a base template for each individual application.