Django template to render timezone for user

Hi there, I would like to render timezone for user to display datetime as per that users time. In, I have TIME_ZONE = ‘UTC’ and USE_TZ = True. For example, a user based in Europe/London will see time one hour behind because I set timezone to “utc”. I want to leave timezone as “UTC” and somehow determine user’s timezone in order to display via django templates.

I have tried to django template tags e.g. localtime, timezone but no luck. Is there easy way to determine user timezone and then display correct localtime whilst having TIME_ZONE = ‘UTC’?

Have you seen the timezone documentation?

Yes, you’ve seen it. Using the middleware requires asking the user their timezone which is not what I want to do.

A middleware is probably a good idea no matter what. The middleware will activate the thread local timezone context so that all localization “just works” throughout the request life cycle.

Additionally, a form available for the user is probably a good idea as well. Sometimes the inferred timezone will be wrong. And you want the user to always be able to properly set their timezone.

To your main point, if you don’t want the user to select the timezone, you can infer their timezone using some client side JavaScript. This can be included in a POST request to the server where you are persisting the timezone.