django-tenants: Newly created app's migrations are reflecting as expected in public schema of the database, but not in tenant-specific schemas.

We had authored two applications since the beginning the project* The same has been part of the multi-tenancy architecture in a single database, semi-isolated fashion using a multi-schema approach. We have built a third application that we also want to integrate into django-tenant schemas that’s failing to reflect their tables in the database, in tenant-generated schemas.
However, the migrations for the newly created app is successfully migrating and creating tables in the public schema. The same is failing to reflect in tenant-generated schemas.
This is happening for any new app that is created through Django.
We are using PostGIS as original backend and django-tenants as database engine.

Current Django version=3.2.12
Current PostgreSQL version=12
Current django-tenants==3.4.1