Django Upgrade: 3.1 to 4. Steps and/or Advice

I have inherited a Django project and it’s using Django 3.1 which is failing Security checks and no longer supported. I have the assignment to upgrade to Python 3.10 and Django 4…

I realize this is a general question, but can anyone comment on lessons learned or steps to take for the upgrade to Django 4?

I have the following in my requirements.txt for example and assume these all need to be upgraded as well? But I’m not sure how to determine the latest versions… And, is there anywhere else in the project that I would need to change to Django 4 besides the Django entry in the requirements.txt?


Any advice gratefully accepted, thanks.

Hi Johnb6262,

There was a very nice talk about this in EuroPython Conference this year. Please check the link below.

Upgrading Django - from legacy to latest — Kamen Kotsev

I hope this helps.

Thank you csAfter40! I will check it out.