DNS: Adding custom HostGator domain to railway web app?

I have deployed my web application on Railway Hosting Platform. I am trying to add a custom domain now and it’s failing.

This is the supposed domain that customer support said they have added the CNAME railway gave to me
http://forecastfaceoff.co/ when i open the domain on my browser it still shows hostgator default page and propagation time have passed over 72hrs

This is how railway said i should configure the domain

This is what the customer support did in the cpanel
enter image description here

when i visit the https://forecastfaceoff.co./
I get an Misdirected Request Error
enter image description here

if i visit https://www.forecastfaceoff.co./

The CNAME entries you’re showing are for http.forecastfaceoff.co and https.forecastfaceoff.co, not forecastfaceoff.co or www.forecastfaceoff.co.

There is also another entry for www.forecastfaceoff.co, it’s three entries in total. Is that okay??

Absolutely. My personal domain has about 20 CNAME entries in it by now.

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Okay that’s a relief that it can be more than one, so do I still need to keep waiting for propagation time? It’s really been a long time of over 72hrs

I don’t even know if the CNAMEs where correctly entered, I can’t wrap my head around the issue.

When I ping any of http.forecastfaceoff.co, https.forecastfaceoff.co, or www.forecastfaceoff.co, it resolves to under the related name of forecast-faceoff-version-1-production.up.railway.app. Any of those names should be directing you to your site, assuming that’s the correct address.

However, if I try to ping forecastfaceoff.co, it resolves to which reverse-resolves to a unifiedlayer.com. So you would not be able to access your site using that name.

Does that mean that I should the domain name in railway from forecastfaceoff.co to www.forecastfaceoff.co or https://forecastfaceoff.co

I don’t know anything about railway - I can’t offer any suggestions there.

However, I know that you can create another CNAME entry - this time for forecastfaceoff.co. (Or, more accurately, using the @ notation as you show in your first post.)

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Alright let me try that

It’s working now after adding the new cname, thanks alot.