DRF and Django templates

I ma trying to build a DRF in Django and use Django templates for frontend…
my question is, should I create tow separate apps in my project to do it…
or should I just create a single app that can do both…
should I create ViewSet to provide actions and view for fetch and send data to template in the same app?
also ,I am wondering if even using Django template for frontend is a good idea…,or should I use a separate frontend framework?

You can find a few discussions here that talk about whether you should create one app or many.

for some perspectives on this.

However, I’m curious as to why you’re trying to build it this way. For the most part, DRF is intended to produce JSON responses for your custom front-end to consume.

If you’re going to be rendering Django templates, why are you using DRF?

Or, if you’re building this around DRF, what’s the purpose of the Django templates?

I am trying to build an e-commerce website , and truly I see no point of using a rest api
, but the prof will give an extra points for using REST API in our project :slight_smile: