drf-api-action - A new way of testing web development in Python

Hi all! I’m proud to share my new first open-source project drf-api-action.


This project was built as a side project at work in which we had to tweak DRF for our own needs, this project was successful back then so I wanted
to publish it to everyone :slight_smile:

The drf-api-action Python package is designed to elevate your testing experience for Django Rest Framework (DRF) REST endpoints. With the custom decorator api-action, this package empowers you to effortlessly test your REST endpoints as if they were conventional functions.


Simplified Testing: Testing DRF REST endpoints using the api-action decorator, treating them like regular functions.

Seamless Integration: Replacing DRF’s action decorator with api-action in your WebViewSet seamlessly.

Clear Traceback: Instead of getting a response with error code, get the real traceback that led to the error.

Pagination Support: Paginating easily through pages by a single kwarg.

Please let me know what you think/ any feedback.
It means a lot since it’s my first open source project :slight_smile: