DRF OpenAPI generation for unimplemented endpoints

I’ve got an interesting situation and am looking for options for generating an OpenAPI schema. My team uses DRF and would like to generate an OpenAPI schema using the techniques documented at https://www.django-rest-framework.org/topics/documenting-your-api/.

This strategy would work fine for any already implemented endpoint.

I’d like to be able to extend the schema with an endpoint definition for something that we haven’t implemented yet. We use pre-implementation definitions as a data contract and communications tool between our backend and frontend teams as they are building out features in parallel.

To date, these endpoint definitions are done informally in a wiki, but it would be awesome to create the definition in the code base so they can appear on a generated documentation page along with already implemented endpoints.

Is there a way to inject a manually created definition into the automated schema generation process of DRF? Are there other ways that could accomplish a similar effect? My googling hasn’t produced any results, but I could be lacking the proper search terms to describe the problem.

If anyone has experience with this area, I’d love to hear about it.

No experience with this, but a general thought - could you generate a static schema and use that to augment the automated schema generation? (Superficially, it looks like the guts of a schema are retrieved as a dict, where you may be able to combine the two sources at the point that the schema is to be rendered and returned, perhaps in a custom get_schema_view method.)