During 2 days I was working to deploy a django app with heroku but I couldn't do. Could anyone do that and explain me where I was doing mistake?

I created a django app which is converting and downloading mp3 musics from youtube. I was working to deploy it from heroku but I couldn’t do it. It is woking fine on local machine but I can’t deploy it. Could anyone deploy it and say me my mistake. You can reach the source code from https://github.com/harunkara/django-mp3-downloader. You can download my source code and you can deploy it and tell me where I was doing mistake. Two days without sleep, I want to know I couldn’t do that?

Please be more specific.
What isn’t working?
What error messages are you receiving?

https://django-mp3-downloader.herokuapp.com/ in the link you can see the error. I have done all steps to solve this problem with the help of stackoverflow but I couldn’t solve it. I think the problem is that we do not have to reach an operating system by browser but my program is going to do that, thats why I get an error. Because after downloading a music my program is going to change the extension of the file.

That error tells us that something is breaking and that Heroku is giving us their generic 500 error. That page covers a lot of problems, from the application not starting to an unhandled exception when processing a request.

The next step is to figure out what the exact underlying error is. You can do this by checking the logs heroku logs -t -a django-mp3-downloader, then reload the page. You should see a stack trace in the logs as well as the true error. Research that and if you get stuck again, share with us what you’ve found and we’ll try to get you unstuck.

You can also use an add-on such as Papertrail that has a free tier rather than using Heroku’s command line tool.