email verification

I would like to know if there is a way in Django to verify that the registering users on my website are providing real and existing emails. Once verified the account is created. I don’t want to send a verification email.
appreciate providing a link on how to do it.
validate_email package is installed with some few Def lines i found here and there but didn’t do the job.
I am unable to find anything though with python this is doable.
Appreciate your help as I have been looking for more than a week without success

No, there’s no way to do that. There’s nothing in the email transfer protocols requiring a server to identify whether or not an email address is “real”. In fact, it exposes information that the sender doesn’t need to know.

That’s why you’ll see most email-validation routines send an email containing some kind of tokenized link that verifies that the person making the request really does have access to that email account.

Thank you very much Ken. at least I can say I tried and I came to peace with the topic.

I came across some documents you recommended for email verification via sending an email. Is there a video you would recommend that I follow. I am a bit new to django so a video is a good start
Thank you again for your help

Not a video but two links which would maybe guide you in the correct direction for this.

“django-sesame provides frictionless authentication with “Magic Links” for your Django project.”
“authlib is a collection of authentication utilities for implementing passwordless authentication.”

The latter is made by me but is probably a bit less secure than django-sesame, but it has a few additional features. Both projects will help you implement some sort of email verification.

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