Empty Data after connecting the azure sql db

Hey ,
I’m new to this Django , I have created one app and project. Connected my azure sql db with mssql-django package. Its connected successfully. I’m having two questions.
Q1. I have used connector pyodbc in the views.py of the app to get the data from the db. Its working fine, but it takes more time to load the data. How can i recitfy the load issue?
Q2. Instead of with connection , I have used the default models in the django, but when i try to print the data in shows empty list. what should i do? I didn’t use meta in the models class.

For the frontend i have used reactjs, to handle the pagination, i have used datatable package. The issue is should i need to pagination in the views.py if yes how can i handle it? should i need to give any api calls. Can anyone help me on this issue ?