ENV variables can never seem to be False

In my .env file I have HTML_DEBUG=True but os.environ['HTML_DEBUG'] is always True even if I have HTML_DEBUG=False
I had to resort to .lower() == "true" in my config.

HTML_DEBUG = os.environ['HTML_DEBUG']
HTML_DEBUG = HTML_DEBUG.lower() == "true"

Why is HTML_DEBUG being treated as a string ?

When you parse variable from .env then it is in string form i.e

"True" or "False" instead of True or False

In order to use them, convert them in boolean.

You can try this

Define a variable in setting like this DEBUG = env.bool(“DEBUG”)

in .env file

Yes env.bool(“DEBUG”) can be used but in above code snippet os.environ is being used. In order to use env.bool an additional package needs to be installed which is django-environ and then in settings configure

import environ
env = environ.Env()

then it can be utilized.