Extending primary attributes of the default user for all employees

Hi there,

I am developing a human resource management system with Django. I’m wondering if I can expand the current primary attributes of the default user to accommodate the bio-data of each employee or should I create an employee model and create a relationship between the user and employee.

I want to do this so I don’t have to enter duplicate data for each user to match employees as all active (employed) staff will be able to access their own profile in the system.

I’m new to Django but not new to SQL.

I’ve looked through forums and SA but couldn’t find the right answer that is doable in Django.

Any help and guidance is highly appreciated.


The docs on Extending the existing User model covers what is referred to as the “profile” model as an extension to User. That is generally the recommended process for adding that type of additional data being associated with a User.

You are able to replace the User model with one of your own design, but unless you have very unique requirements making this necessary, I don’t typically recommend it.

I’ve read through the docs you recommended Ken and I can definitely use the extension of the existing user model as described.

Thank you for sharing both resources and your help.