Force Django to recognize a model field value as a template tag value?

I am allowing users to create custom templates, and when doing so they are building off of my own base template with context variables.

So my own template that is used as a base will have a line such as…

<h3>1.0: Contract Specifics for {{ first_name }}</h3>

Now when the user edits this form I am escaping the curly brackets so they store as actual curly brackets in the form field when the user saves their custom template.

Now a user will click save and in the model field there will be raw HTML stored as a TextField and is stored in the database as such…

Now I need to render this in my django template later on but, I need {{ first_name }} and other termplate tags to be replaced with the actual context variable. unfortunately in my django template when I render this specific form field to display the HTML

      {% autoescape off %}
          {{ contract_detail }}
      {% endautoescape %} 

it displays as… 1.0: Contract specifics for {{first_name}}

Is there anyway to force django to recognize this as a template variable and render this correctly, maybe I need some sort of custom functionality, or templatetag?

This looks remarkably similar to a thread from about a week ago.

See: Dynamic hyperlinks in TextField redirecting / routing to correct location remotely and locally

Definitely looks like quite similar! Thank you @KenWhitesell