formset_params.update(initial=[ multi data])

Hi all!
Me need set data in new inline form using request, sample code:

    def get_formset_kwargs(self, request, obj, inline, prefix):
        formset_params = super().get_formset_kwargs(request, obj, inline, prefix)
        if request.GET.get('based'):
            if not and isinstance(inline, ThroughFriableInvoiceModelInline):
                     {'friable': '113', 'count': 1}, {'friable': 12, 'count': 1234},

I set first element {‘friable’: ‘113’, ‘count’: 1}.

How is get multiple element in new inline form? Thnx and sorry for My Enflish.

It’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to achieve here without a better understanding the context of your objective.

Please post the models involved, along with the ModelAdmin classes and other related classes for this issue.