Forum submit POST refresh

I have a home view and a home page which is using an include to call a component / partial and in that, I a forum as such.

                <form method="POST" name="testPost" action="" class="card-text-small">
                    {% csrf_token %}                         
                    <a class="button-following" href="{% url 'home' %}#"> Following </a>
                    <input type="submit">

I want the button to be clicked and basically rerun the home view but with the request.method == “POST”. Currently it is just returning GET everytime. Seems like it’s not picking up the request method.

New to Django so I reckon there’s some thing going on that I don’t fully understand yet.

Let me know if you need me to clarify something. Sorry if not written well.

For clarity, Are you talking about clicking the following link or the input button?