GeoDjango - Saving client-side GeoJSON in to Model Geometry field

I have a webpage that includes a Leaflet WebMap. In the WebMap a user will be able to draw some polygons. I want to then save these polygons (which will be in the form of GeoJSON) in to my models geom field and then the underlying PostGIS database.

I am aware of the GeoJSON serializer, though from what I have read it sounds like it can’t work the other way - i.e. taking a GeoJSON object and saving it as part of a model save. Is this correct?

If so, are there any other ways I could save GeoJSON as part of a model?

Many thanks

What does your Model look like? (In what field are your storing your polygons?)

Just to close this - I actually worked out that I could use the Django admin in combination with the django-leaflet plugin to end up with a comprehensive Geospatial database editing system. Saved me a tonne of work and undoubtedly, headaches.

Way cool! Glad you’ve got it working for you.