Good tutorials (videos/tutorials) about SQL in Django

I’m about to dive into the documentation, but would also appreciate some links to articles, Django SQL for Dummies, or something similar. :smile: Ye cursed Django Documentation, may I asketh why do you torment me, thus? Does it pleasure thine?

I’ve got a back-ground of working with SQL databases. I don’t need to learn SQL. Pretty solid there.

What I need to learn next is how to convert the SQL in my head into Django/Python, so as to query all my various models, properly, so I can become a Warlock SQL Django Master ™

For example, how do I perform a join from my Article table to my User table, so as to select only articles which are created by certain user?

How do I perform left joins. How do I create aggregate queries, etc, etc.

That type of thing. Basic stuff.

As simple as it sounds, the Django documentation is, in my opinion, the best resource for understanding queries.

Yeah, thanks. I’m getting a feel for it. The doco is hard yakka though - for me anyway.