GSOC 2020 Proposal for GraphQL API

Hi everyone, I am attaching the link to my GSOC proposal below. Please go through it and let me know of any feedback. Your views and criticism is highly appreciated.

Draft proposal for GSOC 2020: GraphQL API

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Hey ChetanKhanna, nice work putting this together.

Are you aware of the django-graphene project? How do you propose official support within the framework and a third-party package work together?

Hi Paul
Thanks for looking into it!
Yes, am aware of graphene-django, it has a lot of great work. The reason I put it that way is because that’s how the idea list mentions it, here’s the link:
Idea list
Also, yes, at one point I too had the same doubt, as to what officially supporting third-party packages mean. I was hoping someone would help me out with that during my draft review :confused:
So, if not as a separate package, do you have any suggestions as to how should I go about it?

Thanks again!

Hi @phalt just pinging you to make sure you’ve seen this :slight_smile: Sorry for the trouble .

Sorry, what with all the lockdown and virus stuff it’s been hard to find time to reply.

My personal feelings about this is that non essential packages, a lot like Django REST Framework, should remain third party plugins and be allowed to evolve separately from the framework. As I said - this is my own opinion. Do we know what the adoption of graphQL is in the Django community? Is it universally needed? These are the questions I would be asking when proposing adding it to core Django.

Hey, that’s okay. We’re on a lockdown too. Hope it goes better from here.

I actually plan it as a third party plugin. That’s what I wrote in the proposal, I think it must not have been very clear. I’ll improve that. Thanks a lot for the help!

Hi @phalt , @andrewgodwin and everyone else! Hope you’re doing good :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the proposal a bit, expanded on a few places and cut down the ambiguity elsewhere. If you could find some time and let me know, it’ll be really helpful.

proposal link

Thanks a lot!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
You have written a really good proposal for the implementation of GraphQL. I want to know that if it is selected for the GSoC or not. Or any other proposal is selected for implementation. I am writing here because I couldn’t find any other forum in search.