GSoC 2023: Django Issue Tracker

Hi all,

I initiated this conversation to receive input on my project idea for the GSoC 2023 Django Issue Tracker. Please let me know if there are any clarifications, additions, or other changes that might be made to this draft of the proposal.

My proposal involves the following key steps:

  1. Analyze the current issue tracker dashboard of Django to understand the existing filtering and search features.
  2. Design and implement a new filtering and search feature that allows users to filter issues based on criteria such as priority, status, and assignee.
  3. Test and debug the feature to ensure it works as intended.
  4. Document the new feature in the official Django documentation.

The link for the proposal is - GSoC 2023 Django Issue Tracker

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @carltongibson @felixxm @adamchainz, please review the proposal when you have time, and let me know what you think.

Hi @rhedwan

Thank you for suggesting improvements to Django’s issue tracker. Your proposal is missing a few details on exactly what changes you are suggesting.

The current issue tracker search is here: . You proposed:

The plugin will allow users to filter issues based on various criteria, including priority, status, assignee, and more. Additionally, the plugin will provide search functionality, allowing users to search for issues based on keywords or phrases. The plugin will be highly customizable, allowing users to define their filters and search criteria.

The current issue tracker already has all the features you proposed.

Note that if you are suggesting a general batch of small changes to the tracker, that is not appropriate for GSoC, as the wiki page states:

We’re not looking for small groups of incremental updates - like “improve Django’s Trac”

Also, you seem to have missed that Django’s issue tracker is not built in Django. You proposed:

The initial idea is to develop a Django plugin that provides advanced filtering and search capabilities for issue tracking.

However, Django’s issue tracker is an instance Trac, which is implemented in Python but not Django.

Anyway, thank you for putting the time into a proposal. It will be evaluated on the GSoC platform.