(HELP!) Django-Kafka live data visualization compatibility

Hello everyone!!
I am trying to build a machine learning app so i decided to pick Django as my main framework due to the use of python. However one of its characteristics is the live monitoring and visualization of data from Kafka, for which I haven’t found yet a solution in Django, however using node.js and angular is not that hard for this task. Please I need to know if i this framework suits this kind of needs.
Thank you a lot.

Hi tapostolopoulos,

I would suggest looking at Django Channels first. If that doesn’t appeal to you, but you still would like to use Django, there are likely other websocket based packages. Check out the django packages site. There’s also HTMX which has experimental support for Server Side Events (SSE) and WebSockets. Finally there’s also third party solutions such as Pusher that could assist in this.


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