How can I customize django TextField for Inline Editor

I’m developing an internet forum platform using Django and facing a challenge regarding the customization of the TextField to support inline editor without third-party editors such as TinyMCE or CKEditor.

The objective is to empower users to compose rich content including code snippets, links, images, tables, and formatted text directly within the TextField. However, after I found a tutorial, but I haven’t found a clear solution for implementing inline editor functionality.

I want to create inline editor that uses different special characters to display content in the browser.

Could anyone point us an examples or documentation for customizing Django TextField to support inline editor?

This isn’t something that can be handled by Django.

The reason you find solutions like TinyMCE is because this sort of “rich content entry” can only be handled by JavaScript in the browser.

Once Django has rendered the form field and returned the form in the response, Django is no longer active on that form. Only JavaScript has the ability to modify or enhance the behavior of that field in the browser.

So, your choices are to either use one of those third-party products or write your own - but in either case, it will be JavaScript being used for it.

Ken is right, you would need to write your own frontend in html and javascript. See these mozilla docs that maybe got archived or something? for an example or two. I can’t find them on and I don’t know if that means that they don’t have a sponsor in mozilla or if they are bad and insecure and wrong. I gather “document.execCommand()” is in a weird situation of being widely supported, but deprecated without an agreed replacement, so maybe its that.

In securing the (Django) back end, Adam Johnson has a relevant and very helpful post about adding basic html cleaning in the right places for Django. I think you want at least this, but I don’t know that there aren’t a whole lot of other things you should also do.