How can I render multiple views in one template

I have already frontend template I need to convert it to backend everything works fine but in home page I need has different sections need to render using views in django but how can I do that in one template called home.html I rendered home page fine when I go to next section like newsletter section to client add his email address and click on the button how can I handle that?? also if I have another sections like some simple posts how show them also I use for each section template and I use include template tag for all sections

You’re looking at it backwards.

A template does not render a view.

A view renders a template.

Your view can call other functions to retrieve data to add to the context, and then render the template with the data provided by those other functions.

so I have 3 class based view instantiate from ListView, CreateView , FormView I want to use them in one template such as home.html but it doesn’t work with me so what is the solution?

  • Be aware of how Django processes requests to return results. Always think about the flow of events in your system.

  • Keep in mind that the Django-provided class-based views are not the “be-all” / “end-all” way to render responses.

You’ll want to rethink the structure of your view. You’ll want to write a view that collects all the data needed for your template, puts that data into a context, then renders that template with the collected data.

The Django-provided generic CBVs may not be the best option for you here.

You’re still phrasing this backwards. A template does not use a view. Templates don’t do anything. Templates are text used by views to (usually) create HTML to be sent do the browser.

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