How do I load multiple models items into a single view

I’m using a model to load items from a model to the sidebar and I want to use another model to load an item into a table in thesame view (page). Please I need urgent attention.

you can import the models in the and also query all your model you need in same view.


from mobiles.models import Mobile
from laptops.models import Laptop

def view_items(request):
       mobiles = Mobile.objects.all()
       laptops = Laptop.objects.all()
       context = {
              'mobiles': mobiles,
              'laptops': laptops
       return render(request, 'view_item.html', context)

You can access each object in the same view by this way:

For Mobiles:

{% for mobile in mobiles %}
         <p>{{ mobile }}</p>
{% endfor %}

For Laptops:

{% for laptop in laptops %}
         <p>{{ laptop }}</p>
{% endfor %}