How do I redirect to a page that enters via username? With authenticated user

Is it possible to redirect to a page that enters through username?
I enter the profile page with profile/edu
How do I go after authenticating the user to go directly to this page?
LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = ‘/profile/’
Is it possible with this code?
You can put /edu in LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = ‘/profile/’

urlpatterns = [

One of the best ways to learn about stuff like this is to just go ahead and try it!

See what happens, and what breaks.

If you get error messages that you don’t understand and can’t figure out, that’s where we can help.
It’s a lot easier for us to help you with actual code than to try and explain things in generalities that may or may not match your exact situation.

It’s because I’m doing a job, and the question asks for just that, VIEW AUTHENTICATED USER PUBLICATIONS

That’s the purpose of having a development environment (or multiple development environments) that are independent of your production environments. It’s a place where you can experiment and try things out.