How i can integrate my wordpress and django website??

the problem is that I make my website using Django framework, but I developed my landing pages with WordPress and now I want to integrate them and host them on the same module.
I went through the Django-WordPress API but I didn’t understand that documentation.
can anyone please help me in this problem ??

“Integration” can mean many different things.

Can you be more specific and detailed about exactly how you want these two platforms to work together?

I want that in a particular URL… my WordPress website should render and at another URL my HTML file will render

Looking for clarity here - are you saying you want something like:  # displays pages from WordPress  # displays pages from Django

If so, this is something you would configure within your web server (nginx, apache, lightspeed, etc)

If you’re looking to share data or to intermingle urls, then that’s a completely different situation.

Or are you talking about a completely different idea?

yes exactly sir this is what I want …so which would be the best web server for this …i am hosting at was on windows server 2019

To the extent of my knowledge, it doesn’t matter which web server you use. Every one I’ve ever configured has been capable of this.

ok, sir …one more problem is that I did a multi-app project in Django now I am facing issues while hosting it.
it is not serving the static file properly. so is there any other method for hosting a multi-app project or is it the same? I am doing it on the Nginx server.

Then something isn’t configured correctly. Nginx is extremely flexible and capable of servicing every combination of apps, sites, etc that I’ve ever needed. (It’s the only web server I use now and have used it exclusively for about the past 6 years.)

How are you running your Django app behind Nginx?

yes sir, I think I am doing it in the wrong way, can you send me some reference by which I can host my app in production mode, with Nginx on windows

I’m sorry, I don’t have any references I can point you to. I’ve never run either Django or Nginx on a Windows server. (The only servers I’ve ever run on Windows were Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, and IIS - and the last time I did that was probably 15 years ago.)