How to actually reuse Django poll app from tutorial in a site with base template?


I am currently developing my own site with Django. I want some of my apps to be reusable but since I mostly took example on the poll app from the Django tutorial, I will write as if the poll app was actually the one I would like to reuse.

My site uses a base template to define the global visual, this global template uses block for sidebar (with navigation menu) and content.
In the poll app, I naively began to add a {% extends baste_template.html %} and a content surrounding block in each app template. This works perfectly and I have been satisfied with it until I tried to add views tests using the @override_settings(ROOT_URLCONF=...) decorator as advised in the doc.
The tests failed because the base template contains {% url %} directives that target urls in my base that are not loaded because of the ROOT_URLCONF redefinition.

This made me realize that making the app templates extend my base template makes the app not reusable. However I still want to use a global layout for all pages of my site.
I cannot figure out I could add this app in the content block of my base template while keeping the urls, views and templates of the app.

Every clue about a way to address this problem would be greatly appreciated.