How to add matplotlib python script to website

Maybe my question is stupid, but i’m not strong familiar with Django and web technologies. I wrote python script that plots math curves (using matplotlib). It is interactive, with some widgets (sliders, radiobuttons…). Is it in Django any possibility to build this script into website so as to enable internet users to active use it? Any answer will be appreciated.

Effectively, no. The Python running in Django is running on the server, not in the browser.
If you’re trying to make this type of feature available through a browser-based environment, you should be looking at one of the JavaScript-based frameworks. They would still be retrieving data from the server, but would be drawing the graphs in the browser.

Many thanks for exhaustive explanation. Now i know what direction to take.

Thanks a lot once again. Thanks to your advice I alredy resolved my problem. Node.js framework has been very helpfull.
Best regards from Poland
Miroslaw Wasik,